Let us help you find the right person for the job

Interested in having us find the right candidate for you?

Whether your company is seeking to fill an open role at an executive, management or IT level, Beaumont can help.

A unique, tested screening process ensures only the very best candidates make the cut.

Clients benefit from a cultivated network of candidates developed over many years of research — a “hidden market” of candidates who have the best credentials and are not readily accessible by traditional means. What’s more, Beaumont can help companies find the right candidates to create a more diverse work environment.

Private Equity/Venture Capital Staffing

Beaumont Executive Search is the “go-to” firm for clients in the private equity/venture capital sector. Engagements have included top positions in the financial services, healthcare, and energy industries.

C-level Searches

After a “deep dive” to learn a client’s requirements, company culture and future direction, Beaumont seeks out only the most qualified candidates — the type of person who can lead a company to accomplish its goals.

IT Management Staffing

Hiring within the Information Technology sector can be overwhelming, but years of experience allows Beaumont Executive Search to simplify the process and communicate the results using everyday language and actionable recommendations. Placements succeed time and again, because Beaumont evaluates a professional's ability and personality before making a recommendation.

Executive Coaching

Whether you need to brush up on your own responses before an interview for an open position, or you need to ensure you ask the right questions and convey the right tone when you're interviewing candidates, Carole can provide just the right level of guidance.

HR Department Interview Coaching

Make sure your human resources staff is up to the task of an effective interview — would you believe some of the biggest offenders of poor interviewing skills are often found on a company's HR team? Carole will provide coaching to ensure the right questions are asked and the right image is projected.